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NEW RELEASE To'ak Signature 2021 Rain Harvest 75%

Nose: Blackberry marmalade bomb with hints of flowers.
Palate: Classic chocolatey notes with sharp berries, oak, and nuts.
Finish: Blackberry, coffee, grapefruit, nuts

To'ak makes the world's finest and most expensive chocolates, with some of their single bars costing up to $450! Why? The cacao is grown in Manabi, Ecuador, which is to cacao what Burgundy is to wine. Beans come from the rarest variety, pure 100% Nacional, which is over 5,300 years old. To'ak also promotes sustainability and conservation. Barefoot is proud to offer these one-of-a-kind chocolates. 

2021 Rain Harvest 0 Hours Conch Story: Heavy rains during ripening and harvest time seemed to push this cacao in a fruitier direction. With this edition, To'ak let loose the full force of those intrinsic flavors by opting to refrain from conching. Bold blackberry marmalade bursts forth, intermingling with notes of coffee, oak, and a touch of flowers.

Pairing Recommendations: Sweet single malts from Speyside, triple-distilled Irish whisky, well-aged bourbon, VSOP Cognac, reposado or anejo Tequila, Zacapa 21 Rum, and sweet dessert wines like Port or Sauternes. In the realm of cheese, creamy and nutty are always best. Robiola, brie, and triple-cremes are lovely. We also enjoy semi-soft cheeses like gouda, havarti, and fontina.

Location: Ecuador

Size: 1.76 oz (price is per bar)

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar

*Waitlist is on a first come basis

NOTE: chocolates will only ship if ordered with a coffee bean order. We do not ship in summer or hot weather but do have a wide selection at our cafes.

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