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Coffees for a Cause

At Barefoot, we pay a premium for the best coffees sourced from conscientious producers who promote sustainable farming practices.

Over the years, we have come across important social issues that affect our partner communities. To bring awareness to these issues, we select one of our offerings to be a Coffee for a Cause and donate a portion of the sales to a charity involved in eradication of the issue. Below are examples of current and past causes:  


LIMU (ETHIOPIA) COFFEE FOR A CAUSE: There are over 20 million victims of human trafficking with 68% in forced labor, 26% children and 55% woman and girls. To help bring attention to this, Barefoot Coffee Roasters donated a portion of the proceeds of Limu to the Polaris Project.

Named after the North Star that guided slaves to freedom, Polaris systemically disrupts human trafficking networks and helps survivors restore their freedom, prevents more victims, and leverages data and technology to pursue traffickers wherever they operate.

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusks. To help bring awareness to this, Barefoot donated a portion of sales from this coffee to the Elephant Crisis Fund. This worldwide fund has helped the Babile Elephant Sanctuary in the Oromia region, where there is a vast space to help grow the elephant population. The ECF was created by Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network to identify and fund high-priority projects. 100% of donations go to directly help elephants.

Nearly 4% of children in Bolivia die before they turn 5 and 2/3 of the population live below the poverty level. To help bring awareness to this, Barefoot donated a portion of sales from this coffee to Save The Children Bolivia. This organization focuses on reducing hunger and malnutrition, improving health, sanitation, education and water quality.