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Job Opportunities

Want to work for the top coffee roaster in Silicon Valley for the past 7 years? From time to time positions open for roasters, baristas, sales or production so we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

FULL TIME - Includes paid sick time off and paid vacations.
- Help fulfill daily coffee orders
- Weekly cleaning/maintenance of roasters
- Participate in daily QC/cuppings
- Roasting and blending appropriate coffees
- Process and package coffee orders
- General roastery organization/maintenance
- Possible work as barista if seeking additional hours

Experience sought:
- Demonstrate a passion for specialty coffee
- Previous roasting or specialty coffee experience a plus 
- Concentration and focus
- Ability to listen, learn and follow through
- Basic technical aptitude and willingness to learn technical equipment details
* This job requires regular heavy lifting.

EMAIL RESUMES/COVER LETTERS TO and explain why you would be ideal for this position

Seeking candidates for our Campbell cafe. Can also expand to private mobile coffee events. Should have coffee experience and:
- Provide exceptional customer service
- Have a passion for coffee
- Have familiarity with brew various brew methods and be open to training (espresso, pour over)
- Work well with others
- Efficient, and keeps a clean workspace
- Have a valid driver's license
- Part Time could grow to more hours

EMAIL RESUMES/COVER LETTERS TO and explain why you would be ideal for this position.