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We offer classes, cuppings, and tasting events with our roasters. 

Current Schedule

Tuesday October 9th - 6:45pm-7:45pm                                   
Cupping with the Roasters - $30 
Learn the fundamentals of cupping with a Barefoot Coffee roaster. 
Includes a sample bag of coffee and a 12oz bottle of Cold Brew.

Tuesday October 16th - 6:45pm-7:45pm            
Chemex - $20
The Chemex coffee maker has been brewing clear, pure, flavorful 
coffee without bitterness or sediment for over forty years and 
remains one of the purest methods of brewing.  Learn from our roasters
how to master your extraction!

Tuesday October 23rd
French Press - $20

Thursday November 1st - 6:45pm-7:45pm
Introduction to Roasting - $65
An introduction to the art of craft roasting. Come learn the basic mechanics 
and design of a drum roaster, the fundamentals of heat transfer and the 
importance of time in relation to cup character.
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The Roastery - 76 Sunol St., San Jose, CA 95126 

Enjoy 15% off any whole bean coffee purchase on the day of class!  Space
is limited so email for reservations.

*48 hour notice required for refund.  
Parking - We encourage walking or biking, but if you drive please read street signs carefully. Parking is available on:
  • West San Fernando St by Cahill Park  
  • The Alameda
  • The East side of Sunol south of West San Fernando St.