Award-Winning Cafes and Coffees

How we Roast

Our offerings have one main attribute in common: they are all high quality green beans. Like other culinary products, if you don't start with a quality foundation, there's no way to make it good...only ways to mask how bad it is!

In coffee, masking poor quality is typically done by roasting really dark (past second crack) and/or infusing flavors into the roast. 

In order to preserve and highlight the inherent natural flavors in our coffees, we focus on development time (the time from first crack to end of roast) and are typically on the shorter end of the spectrum. 

During a roast, we listen to the beans, smell the beans and see the beans change color. In addition, we use a sophisticated computer programs to track time and temperature changes as well as lasers to track color changes. This allows us to maintain quality and consistency that we can reference after our cuppings.