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Producer Gloria Rodriguez

February 17, 2011

 Gloria Rodriguez is the owner of a group of farms she collectively calls Stricta Alturra. Al of her micro farms are located in the Apaneca region of western El Salvador. She has won an award in the Cup of Excellence every year she has entered. The farms consist of Finca San Jose, Finca El Porvenir, Finca Nejapa, Nueva Granada and La Lagunitas along with her daughter and son-in-laws farm La Gloria. All the farms are on the same volcano and all are within a very close proximity. The elevation ranges from 1400 to 1650 meters and the farms are planted in about 85% Bourbon, about 5% Caturra, 5% Pacamara and 5% Pacas with a few other micro varietals in specific lots.

Barefoot Coffee has been partnered with Gloria Rodriguez for over for years and has long term contracts with her family for the next four years as well.

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