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Arokara Espresso Review

December 24, 2017

Arokara Espresso (PNG) review from Professor Peaberry at GoCoffeeGo...thanks Professor!!

"Morissa, Morrissa, Morrisa…What can I say? Last week, I called inquiring about your latest espresso from Papua New Guinea and you whispered in my ear…Fig, Sweet Jam, Cola Berry and Leather, baby! I gasped and my heart raced. I pleaded for her to stop and end my agony...Where was this coffee?! She calmly told me to check the mailbox. I paced outside the office on Fillmore. Then at 2 o'clock the mailman came. I rejoiced! In it was a bag. I ran to my La Marzocco, opened the bag and the smell was heavenly.

With a pull of a shot I was launched to the moon! This is one amazing expresso. In my humble opinion one of my very favorite in months. I drink a lot. You know I am quite caffeinated. Needless to say, I blew through the bag in a nanosecond, as I kept coming back for more. It was sweet and complex, like Morissa (said) and had that chocolatey earthy body that warms and comforts so nicely in these winter months. It punches through the milk well and the fruit makes it a bright and jammy cup. The leather snaps it into shape. Snap! Snap! Try this espresso today. It's a real thrill!" 
December 19, 2017 

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