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Barefoot named a top South Bay destination

April 26, 2016

The 10 Best South Bay Coffee Shops

Allen Mark Arañas Updated:

Caffeine has become such a necessity in life, especially in the always working, fast-paced tech world that is Silicon Valley. Sometimes, though, coffee is best enjoyed sitting down at a charming shop and enjoying every minute and every sip. The South Bay is littered with these places, offering a welcome change of perspective from the business parks that fill the area. These aren’t your typical chains. There’s no Starbucks, Peet’s, or even Phil’s on this list; these are the local, small businesses you can trust you brew you a great cup of coffee.

Barefoot Coffee

For a full coffee experience, Barefoot Coffee is the way to go. The menu at their Campbell location only boasts a modest espresso and coffee selection, but they still satisfy refined palates, offering less obvious drinks like Cubanos and Caffe Borgias. And if you ever want to learn a thing or two about the process, their Santa Clara roastery has a training lab and rollup bar that offers weekly Saturday classes. They are definitely worth a visit at either location: they know how to brew a mighty fine espresso.

Barefoot Coffee, 1819 Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 408-340-5026

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