Coffee Samplers

Can't decide which delicious Barefoot Coffee to choose?  Or want to send an amazing gift?  We have created the following Barefoot Coffee sample packages*:

Traditional Drip Sampler - $39.75 

  • One 8oz bag The Heavy - Guatemala
  • One 8oz bag Redcab - Brazil
  • One 8oz bag The Beast - Blend

Adventurous Drip Sampler - $52.95

  • One 8oz bag Amarillo - Guatemala
  • One 8oz bag Yirgacheffe Konga - Ethiopia
  • One 8oz bag Huila - Colombia
  • One 8oz bag Caranavi Organic - Bolivia

    Espresso Sampler - $52.95

    Espresso/Drip Sampler - $52.95

    • One 8oz bag Redcab Espresso
    • One 8oz bag Kabari Espresso - Rwanda
    • One 8oz bag The Heavy - Guatemala
    • One 8oz bag Huila - Colombia

    Taste the World Sampler - $68.95

    • One 12oz bag Huila - Colombia
    • One 12oz bag The Beast
    • One 12oz bag Yirgacheffe Konga - Ethiopia
    • One 12oz bag Amarillo - Guatemala


    *The linked pages show prices for our 12oz bags. The samplers contain 8oz bags. All coffees will ship as Whole Bean. If a coffee is unavailable, a similar tasting coffee will ship.

    "Traditional" samplers have more chocolate notes, heavier mouth feels and are less complex.

    "Adventurous" samplers are more complex, bright, fruited.

      Type: Coffee