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June 30, 2016


Barefoot's Top 10 Cold Brew by Huffington Post

We are very excited to be named one of the Top 10 Cold Brews in the country by Huffington Post!

The Cold Brew Coffees You Should Be Drinking This Summer

  • Julie R. Thomson Senior Editor, Taste, The Huffington Post
  • As soon as summer hits, iced coffee season goes into full gear. But not just hot-brewed coffee poured over ice. No, we’re talking cold brew. The intensely strong coffee is slowly steeped over 12 hours in cold water before being strained and served over ice (with or without lightener) into your cup.

    Cold brew coffee is simple enough to make at home — and really good too, so long as you don’t make rookie mistakes — but it requires planning and motivation, which not everyone is full of during the lazy summer months. Lucky for all of us, the market is teeming with cold brew options these days. Some roasters are brewing concentrates, which should be diluted with water, some are making ready-to-go bottles and cans, and all of them are worth knowing about. 

    We blind taste tested more cold brew than we probably should be drinking in one sitting, in hopes of finding the best ones you should be enjoying and the worst ones you should be steering clear of. What we found is that you can’t go wrong with any of the cold brews we’ve listed.

      • Barefoot Coffee Roasters Cold Brew
    A light, chocolatey, smooth taste, drinking this cold brew straight from the bottle feels like a gift from the summer gods. Since 2003 Barefoot has been dedicated to treating coffee like a culinary art and that comes across in this bottle.
    April 26, 2016


    Barefoot named a top South Bay destination

    The 10 Best South Bay Coffee Shops

    Allen Mark Arañas Updated:

    Caffeine has become such a necessity in life, especially in the always working, fast-paced tech world that is Silicon Valley. Sometimes, though, coffee is best enjoyed sitting down at a charming shop and enjoying every minute and every sip. The South Bay is littered with these places, offering a welcome change of perspective from the business parks that fill the area. These aren’t your typical chains. There’s no Starbucks, Peet’s, or even Phil’s on this list; these are the local, small businesses you can trust you brew you a great cup of coffee.

    Barefoot Coffee

    For a full coffee experience, Barefoot Coffee is the way to go. The menu at their Campbell location only boasts a modest espresso and coffee selection, but they still satisfy refined palates, offering less obvious drinks like Cubanos and Caffe Borgias. And if you ever want to learn a thing or two about the process, their Santa Clara roastery has a training lab and rollup bar that offers weekly Saturday classes. They are definitely worth a visit at either location: they know how to brew a mighty fine espresso.

    Barefoot Coffee, 1819 Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 408-340-5026

    January 30, 2016


    Oromia - Coffee for a Cause

    It's stunning to think that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusks. 

    For our current Coffee for a Cause, we will donate a portion of our sales from Oromoia (Ethiopia Blend) to the Elephant Crisis Fund.

    The ECF has helped the Babile Elephant Sanctuary in the Oromia region, where there is a vast space to help grow the elephant population. The ECF was created by Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network to identify and fund high-priority projects. 100% of donations go to directly help elephants.

    January 19, 2016


    Barefoot Beans in Strike Brewing's Beer

    Like beer? We know you like coffee. Strike Brewing Co.'s new "Shoeless Joe" beer made specifically for SF Beer Week 2016 incorporates some of our freshly roasted Guatemalan beans.
    Rolled oats, chocolate malt and caramel sweetness form a dark, smooth, and wonderfully coffee-forward ale with hints of cacao and vanilla. Um, yes please!

    July 06, 2015


    Cold Brew Rated One of Summer's Best

    Imbibe Magazine once again rated our Cold Brew as one of the summer's best. Drink straight from the bottle, pour over ice or add a little milk for a refreshingly sweet and chocolatey coffee taste.
    December 05, 2014


    Review of Yirgacheffe Kochere (Ethiopia)

    Year after year our Yirgacheffe Kochere is one of our most popular single origins. 

    Check out JamesTheWineGuy's video review where he discusses aromas, flavor notes and overall coffee profile.
    June 17, 2014


    Mint Mojito Recipe

    Looking for a tasty summer drink? Try the Barefoot Coffee Mint Mojito infused with our Cold Brew (courtesy of 55 South).  

    Video Recipe

    7 mint leaves
    1.5oz rum
    1oz simple syrup
    .5oz Barefoot Coffee Cold Brew
    1oz half and half
    Shake shake shake


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