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September 14, 2013


Eat Real Festival

Come sample coffees and learn from our roasters at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland September 27-29.  We will be brewing some special drinks in the Coffee Pavilion!
July 11, 2013


New seasonal coffees

You may have noticed fewer varietals available. Not to worry...our new coffees are en route from Kenya, El Salvador and Guatemala. Get ready for some amazing coffee!

June 28, 2013


Imbibe Magazine Best Cold Brew

We are excited that our Cold Brew has been named one of the tops in the country by Imbibe Magazine. Below is an excerpt:

99 bottles of … cold-brew? This super-sessionable bottled coffee from California-based Barefoot Coffee Roasters refreshes with floral flavors and notes of tangerine and herbs. Toddy-brewed with beans from Huehuetenango, Guatemala, this brew is incredibly thirst-quenching, making it a great entry point for iced-tea drinkers.

Photo by: Chris Lovos / Beans & Croydon
June 09, 2013


Barefoot Coffee Campbell a "Perfect little oasis"

Review: Barefoot Coffee is a hidden oasis for the coffee connoisseur

By Stan Rezaee

Jun 7, 2013 in Food
Hidden away at the tip of Downtown Campbell is an oasis for the coffee connoisseur and a patron of the local arts. Barefoot Coffee has brought its cultural flavor to Campbell.

Walk by and one will be marveled by the bohemian atmosphere of the art work that decorate the walls. Enter the shop and you are immediately welcomed by the coffee aroma along with a greeting from the friendly staff.

However describing the staff as "friendly" is poor understatement as if I'm comparing them to a friendly bartender. On the first visit I was a complete stranger to the staff but by the third visit I have become a recognized customer. They know what I like and at times offer new alternatives just to intrigue my curiosity.

Barefoot Coffee has a good selection of coffee and tea that is prepared fresh when you order. There are no pre-made tubs or over priced tea bags; brewing coffee and tea is a respected craft that can be tasted in every cup.

Just please don't butcher your coffee with cream and sugar or you have lost the natural flavor.

The staff takes pride in their craft it can be tasted by the quality of the coffee. Be aware that quality isn't cheap and if price is an issue than one could happily walk across the street to what ever Starbucks isn't crowded or the Jack N' Box down the street.

Best of all there is no bar near Barefoot Coffee; hence you don't have to worry about being harassed by the drunks and creeps.

Barefoot Coffee is not only the best coffee shop in the area but it's the measuring stick I use to rate other coffee shops. This is the perfect little oasis to hide at during a wonderful weekend afternoon.

Final Score: 5/5

May 05, 2013


Mother's Day Gifts!

Looking for a great Mother's Day gift?  We have several different gift basket options.  Plus, we are offering 10% off all gift baskets through May 11. Enter MOTHERSDAY10 at checkout 

May 03, 2013


The Boss Espresso - Spring Blend

Our new spring blend of The Boss Espresso is now available.  Wait until you try this!  Some of our best Direct Trade beans make up this seasonal offering.  

Tasting Notes: Aromas of strawberry, rhubarb and orange blossom. Syrupy molasses midtones flecked with cooked blueberries. Thick doses of milk chocolate in the finish.

May 02, 2013


5 Must Stops in San Jose

5 Must stops in San Jose includes the Roastery... thanks to Madewell which just opened at Santana Row.

April 25, 2013


We just opened our first store in San Jose and so, to mark the occasion, we thought we’d share our five favorite spots in this quaint corner of California. Think Egyptian relics, homemade favorites and grown-up board games.

1. The Worldly Wonder

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium

This local institution houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in western North America. There are real mummies in there. Need we say more?

2. The Textile Shrine

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

We’re suckers for interesting fabrics and patterns, so it’s our must-see for a steady stream of unexpected DIY inspiration.

3. The Healthful Pit Stop

The San Jose Tofu Company

This small, under-the-radar shop in Japantown specializes in homemade tofu and unbelievably fresh soy milk. Try their tofu pudding with ginger syrup on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

4. The Big-Time Board Game

Monopoly in the Park

We didn’t believe it at first, but just outside the Children’s Discovery Museum is a life-sized Monopoly board etched right into the concrete. There are even gigantic plush dice, wearable playing pieces and an on-site banker doling out paper money—it puts the board game version to shame.

5. The Coffee Class

Barefoot Coffee

Though coffee culture can be a bit snobbish, this local roastery instead focuses on educating its clientele. Between espresso and drip samplings, cold brew tastings and roasting classes, it’s an aromatic (not to mention tasty) learning experience.