About Us

Culinary Coffees: Since 2003 we have focused on treating our coffees like a culinary art.

    Farm Fresh Beans: Just like great produce at your local farmers market, our coffees are offered in season, fresh from the farm, when they are at their most delicious.

        Small Batch Roasting: We roast to order in small batches which allows us to highlight origin character versus roast character so you can experience the uniqueness of each coffee's terroir.

        Direct Trade: As one of the pioneers of Direct Trade sourcing, we travel to origin to build relationships with the most conscientious producers and hand select the coffees that take our breath away.  Most of our harvests are purchased from farmers we have known personally for many years.

        Wildly Intense Flavors: By sourcing the best beans and hand-crafting each roast, we extract flavors like banana split sundae, guava, chocolate ganache, cola berry and thick dollops of plum molasses.  Are you craving Barefoot Coffee yet? 


        Metro Silicon Valley Best Of

        “Best Coffee Roaster” - 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

        “Best Indie Coffee House” Barefoot Campbell – 2013


        Food & Wine Magazine

        Top 4 Boutique Roaster in the US (2006)

        2 Single Origins placed in Top 10 coffees out of 157 sampled


        Imbibe Magazine

        One of the Top Cold Brews in the US – (July 2013)



        One of the 12 Most Enthusiast-Friendly Roasters in the US (2011)


        American Newzine

        One of the Top Indie Roasters – West Coast (Jan 2013)


        The Daily Meal

        “Roasters We Love” – (July 2013)