Coffee Samplers

Can't decide which delicious Barefoot Coffee to choose?  Or want to send an amazing gift?  We have created the following Barefoot Coffee sample packages*:

Traditional Drip Sampler
3 different 8oz bags of more developed (darker) roasts with nutty and/or chocolate notes.

    Adventurous Drip Sampler
    4 different 8oz bags of more complex, bright and/or fruity notes.

      Espresso Sampler
      3 different 12oz bags of our various espresso offerings.

      Espresso/Drip Sampler
      4 different 8oz bags combining drip and espresso

      Taste the World Sampler 
      4 different 12oz bags from around the world

      *All coffees will ship as Whole Bean. 


        Type: Coffee