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Yirgacheffe Kochere ESPRESSO

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CUP PROFILE: Gingerbread and berry aromas lead to notes of black cherries, plum, and Mandarin orange with a thick, jammy body.

COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGIONSNNP region in Gedeo zone, Kochere district, Boje kelble
ELEVATION: 1,750-1,850 masl
OTHER NOTES: Organic Farm, Rainforest Alliance, sustainable, traceable, single origin

Dose: 18-20 grams 
Beverage Weight: 33-37 grams
Time: 28-32 seconds
Days Rested: 5-7 
*Please note that adjustments to the above may need to be made to account for your equipment, climate, tamp pressure, basket size etc

Ethiopia is regarded by many as the birthplace of coffee. Most coffee grows wild in the shade of other trees and is referred to as forest grown coffee. 

One of the most notable coffee producing regions in Ethiopia is Yirgacheffe. It is home to fertile soil, high elevation, and a tropical climate with moderate wet and dry seasons.

This coffee comes from the Boji Kochere washing station, a collection of the efforts of 2,564 smallholder farmers. Their coffee is handpicked at peak ripeness and machine pulped, and undergoes anaerobic fermentation before washing. Finally, as is typical to the region, the coffee is sun dried on raised beds.


Type: Coffee


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