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El Poeta

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FLAVOR PROFILE: Aromas of brown sugar lead to a cup packed with black cherry and dark chocolate with hints of maple and a lingering caramel finish.

COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: San Rafael de San Ramon Alajuela Costa Rica 
GROWER: Julia Vega Rodriguez, Olman Cruz Vega, Ricardo Chavez Garita, and Juan Bautista Mejia Rojas
ELEVATION: 1100masl
OTHER: Traceable, Single Origin, Sustainable

Traditional Costa Rican coffee production holds a special intensity and level of rhythmic precision unique to the region. The resulting coffees contain flavors of purely poetic potency, so it's no surprise this lot earned the name El Poeta! This rich cacophony of browned sugar tastes begins and ends with Cafe de Altura de San Ramon – a state-of-the-art mill designed to receive coffee cherries from many small farms and consistently process this well-balanced regional blend.

To maintain this harmonious blend of local coffees, Cafe De Altura de San Ramon engages in high-quality and sustainable production techniques.

Cherries are placed in a large tank with water to remove the less dense and damaged beans that float. Next, the cherries are depulped and pass through a demucilager that mechanically strips the mucilage from the beans. All of this is done with a recycling water system. A series of dryers gently reduce the moisture to 11 percent in a matter of just over 72 hours. Drying coffee in the traditional way can take between six to fourteen days. With every detail of the post harvest operation covered, producers can turn their full attention to farm management practices with a special emphasis on sustainable practices.

Why we chose this coffee: Coffee processing is time intensive and requires a great amount of water. Cafe de Altura De San Ramon’s modernization and efficiency in operations reduces the amount of water required, and shrinks the time and space needed to process coffee. This also allows the producers to focus more of their energy on sustainable practices on their farms. The outcome is a consistent and quality cup that speaks volumes not only about the care invested in the coffee, but in the conservation of our precious resources as well.

Origin photo by Royal Coffee

Type: Coffee

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