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To'ak Islay Whiskey Cask Aged 73%

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: Lightly peated, sea air with soft flowers.
Palate: Caramelized fruit, honey, touch of peat smoke, savory sea grass.
Finish: Smooth and seductively unorthodox.

To'ak Chocolate is known for having the most expensive chocolates in the world, with some of their single bars costing up to $450! Why? The cacao is grown in Manabi, Ecuador, which is to cacao what Burgundy is to wine. Beans come from the rarest variety, pure 100% Nacional, which is over 5,300 years old. To'ak also promotes sustainability and conservation. Barefoot is proud to offer these one-of-a-kind chocolates. 

Story: Single Malt Islay meets Ancient Nacional aged for 3 years!

Islay is a small island off the coast of Scotland and is considered home to the world’s most charismatic whisky. In the words of the Master of Malt, “Islay whiskies are among Scotland’s most powerful, thunderous drams. Often with plenty of peat and smoke, brine and medicinal flavors Islay has attained a truly iconic status.”

To'ak sourced a barrel from Laphroaig, one of their all-time favorite distilleries. With 200 years of history on Islay, Laphroaig is famous among whisky connoisseurs for being on the far edge of the peaty spectrum, and it is rightfully celebrated for its highly distinctive flavor.

When the New York Times assembled a tasting panel of top food and restaurant critics for a blind tasting contest of 20 different single malt whiskies from Islay, Laphroaig 10 Year was crowned the winner. Eric Asimov, who served as one of the judges on the panel, wrote, “It was one of the smokiest of the group yet one of the subtlest and most complex as well, with all of the rich medicinal, waxy, savory and saline flavors that people associate with Islay, butwith an underlying sweetness.”

Famously, Laphroaig is also Prince Charles's favorite whisky. 

The source of the much-desired smokiness in Laphroaig and other Islay single malts is peat, which is decomposed organic plant matter that has been compressed in the ground for thousands of years. In whisky production, it’s burned underneath the malted barley to stop germination. Smoke from the burned peat makes its way into the grain and remains impregnated in the whisky.

Another hallmark feature of Islay single malts is salinity. The Master of Malt writes that Islay is also known for “seaweedy, kelp-rich whiskies. This is often attributed to the terroir. The Islay distilleries possess a relative close proximity with the sea. The sea spray is said to whip across the warehouses, the salty air penetrates the barrels and flavours the maturing whisky.”

The unique flavor characteristics from land and sea in Islay have lent themselves to this To'ask chocolate in a surprisingly seductive way. Prior to insertion into the Laphroaig cask, their Rain Harvest 2015 “Light” edition (73% cacao) was considered To’ak’s softest and most subtle expression of dark chocolate, characterized by smooth caramel and delicate fruit notes. After its multi-year residence in the cask, a new chocolate has emerged. It is their most critically-acclaimed edition thus far.

Pairing Recommendations: This is arguably their most versatile chocolate for pairing. Laphroaig and other peaty Scotch single malts are obvious choices. Sweet fortified wines like Port and PX Sherry and sweet dessert wines like Sauternes also pair excellently with this chocolate. Even absinthe works well. Pairs excellently with a broad range of cheeses, including but certainly not limited to Gouda, Manchego, Brie, Crottin de chavignol, Comté, Pyrenees sheep milk cheese, and a broad range of goat cheeses.

Location: Ecuador

Size: 1.75 oz (price is per bar)

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar

NOTE: We do not ship in summer or hot weather but do have a wide selection at our cafes.

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