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French Broad Chai Masala Milk

This 45% bar is made with a special limited quantity cacao from India. With floral and tannic flavors, this cacao is a perfect vehicle for Spicewalla’s signature Chai Masala. The marriage of warming chai spices and fragrant cacao has you dreaming of a cup of steaming chai sipped on a street corner a world away.

Asheville, North Carolina


Ingredients: Sugar*, Cacao, Cacao Butter*, Non-Fat Dry Milk*, Butter (Milk)*, Spices, Tea
* = organic ingredient(s)
**Made in a facility that handles tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs & peanuts. May not be suitable for people with allergies to these foods.

NOTE: chocolates will only ship if ordered with a coffee bean order. We do not ship in summer or hot weather but do have a wide selection at our cafes.

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