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CUP PROFILE: Aromas of stone fruit and gingerbread lead to notes of plum, maple and sugary waffle cone with a velvety body and lingering finish

COUNTRY: Colombia
: Cesar and Magdalen
: 1200-1500 masl
OTHER: Organic farm, Fair Trade, traceable, sustainable

Dose: 18-20 grams
Beverage Weight: 32-37 grams
Time: 25-28 seconds
Days Rested: 5-7
*Please note that adjustments to the above may need to be made to account for your equipment, climate, tamp pressure, basket size etc

This coffee is from the Association of Indigenous Agroecology Producers (ANEI), which was formed by Aurora Izquierdo. Aurora's goals were to address food scarcity, a poor education system and indigenous and rural economic crises, while also preserving forests, rivers and fauna. As such, she created a sustainable agriculture program that has since dramatically improved the quality of life and empowered women in indigenous communities.

ANEI is made up of approximately 30,000 Arhuacos located between the departments of Cesar and Magdalena. The 700-plus coffee-producing families are committed to increasing productivity and improving procedures to achieve the highest-quality coffee. 

As of 2016, ANEI had 112 women coffee-growing members, supported 33 students with educational grants, had a comprehensive range of certified Fairtrade Organic coffees in northern Colombia.

Origin photos by Interamerican Coffee.

Type: Coffee

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