Cup Profile: Notes of dark cherry permeate your senses, followed by a raisin sweetness that adds depth. A pleasantly creamy body finishes cleanly on the palate.
Country: El Salvador
Region: Ataco, Ahuachapan
Producer: Mauricio Salaveria
Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara
Elevation: 1300-1400 masl
Processing: Honey, dried in African beds
Suggested Brewing Method: French Press, Eva Solo
Awards/Certifications: Direct Trade
Farm Info: Divisadero Cafe Farms manages 5 outstanding high altitude properties in western El Salvador that range in altitude from 1200 masl to 1600 masl. All their coffees are processed at their micro mill on the VillaGalicia farm.
VillaGalicia is a 20 manzana size farm where Mauricio does his processing experiments with fully washed and semi-washed coffees. He did a "semi-lavado", or semi-wash on this lot which will add a little more creaminess to the body and an added fruited quality to the cup. This “semi-lavado” process is a black honey type which leaves lots of mucilage on the coffee when it finally hits the drying beds.
Mauricio lessens his environmental impact by using stored rainwater to de-pulp the cherries. Once de-pulped, the coffee is left standing still on the African beds for 24 hours, then raked non-stop for 5 days under optimal conditions. After the pergamino gets down to an internal temperature of 16 degrees, he stores it for 5 days (not many doing this) then takes it out to to finish drying at a lower elevation. Mauricio believes the sugars will concentrate more and allow for a stellar drying process.  We have cupped this coffee on a few occasions and agree with him wholeheartedly.

Type: Coffee