The Boss® Espresso - Fall

Cup Characteristics: Big loads of dark chocolate and thick, bittersweet undertones, complimented by clove-like spice notes. An earthy rustic sweetness abounds in this milk-friendly espresso.

Country: Brazil, Indonesia
Region: Sul de Minas, Batak
Varietal: Catuai, Catimor, Typica
Elevation: 1150-1400 masl
Process: Natural, Wet-Hulled

Dose: 21 grams
36 seconds
Volume: 1.5oz 
Days Rested
: 7-10 

Concept: The Boss Espresso is in it’s newest stage of fluctuation...The Fall version. Here we are combining two very low toned components in 50/50 blend to tease your portafilter into begging for more. First, we have the “rustic sweetness” of a more developed Sumatra Mandheling espresso that equally shoulders the weight by offering up it’s spicy, clove-like notes amidst a sea of bittersweet chocolate and subtle herbaceousness.
Along side, this the dry processed notes of a Brazil from the Cerrado region that we call Redcab. Think chocolate covered cashews, cocoa powder and walnuts, layered with a nice hint of warming spices.

We suggest a longer extraction with a heavier dose, to bring out the silky body of the espresso liqueur. Compliments milk quite nicely and once you get it dialed in...will love you back throughout the day

Type: Espresso


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