La Esperanza

CUP PROFILE: Delicate florals in the aroma. Notes of chocolate toffee, custard apple and champagne acidity form a sweet, creamy body and clean aftertaste.

COUNTRY: Guatemala
REGION: Antigua
FARM: La Esperanza
CULTIVAR: Bourbon, Villa Sarchi
ELEVATION: 1500 masl
PROCESS: Washed, patio dried
OTHER NOTES: Direct Trade, Sustainable, Traceable, Single Origin

A new Direct Trade partner, La Esperanza is owned by CAMEC with this year being the first the farm was operated by TG LAB. This small farm is really flat and organized. Very few pickers are needed to harvest which means they can be more selective in who is hired to pick the cherries.

Processing is key with these coffees. After de-pulping, the coffee is aerobically (in air) fermented for 26 hours and then moved to rest in water or anaerobically ferment for 24 hours. The water that is used for resting is fresh from the well at the mill and kept at around 25 degrees C which helped make the acidity so clean and crisp. These coffees were then patio dried for 18 days.

Type: Coffee