We offer a variety of classes with our trainers and roasters, including:

Current Schedule

Cupping with the Roasters - $65
Learn the fundamentals of cupping with a Barefoot Coffee roaster.


Intro to Latte Art - $45
Learn the basics of latte art with our trainer!


Intro to Roasting - $65
An introduction to the art of craft roasting

Roasting Part 2 - $65
Learn processing and its effects on how to approach a roast and how elevation plays a factor in bean density.

NOTE OUR NEW LOCATIONS - Some classes are held at the Roastery and some at our Rollup Bar which is in the same office and parking complex but a separate building.
Roastery- 2475 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Rollup Bar - 408 Martin Ave, Santa Clara, CA
We also offer private and group classes. Email for more information.