Yirgacheffe Espresso

Cup Profile:  A richly engaging combination of dark berries and toffee notes intertwined in a syrupy embrace. Subtle hints of citrus weave in and out in this three-part harmony.

Country: Ethiopia
: Kochere Biloya, Yirgacheffe 
: Legesse Kebede 
: 1800-1900 
: Heirloom 
: Fully Washed
Certifications: Single Origin

Dose: 21 grams
Temp: 199
Time: 32-35 secs
Shot Weight: 29-30 grams
Days Rested: 7-10
About the Mill:
The Kochere district is located in the Southern Oromia region of Yirgacheffe. Kochere is growing in popularity, showcasing the consistent diversity of Yirgacheffe’s unique terroir. Close to a 100,000 local inhabitants rely on coffee as their main crop with which to feed their families.

Fully washed and processed at the Kore plant, this coffee cups amazingly well. The dry aroma exhibits sweet hints of macadamia and orange blossom. Then as you take your first sip, you are greeted by deeply fleshed notes of Loganberry and dark molasses. Still very tea-like in the body, this single origin offering dazzles the palate with it’s subtle complexity.

Dominion Coffee Importers creates a positive story by finding communities that want change - not a hand out. Through establishing long-term relationships with these communities, there come several benefits: Barefoot is able to source high quality coffee that is indicative of the region and terroir, and you the customer can take part in helping to empower these farmers to become self sufficient and strengthen the ties of transparency. In addition, the relationship ensures that local doctors will help to educate the growers on basic health and medical needs.

Type: Coffee


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