Kinunu Rwanda AA

Cup Profile: Floral notes in the dry aroma. Sparkling acidity, hints of mandarin orange marmalade, golden raisin and honey form this buttery, light-bodied coffee.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Rutsiro District, Western Province, Kinunu
Plant: Kinunu Washing station
Varietal: Bourbon
Elevation: 1600 masl
Processing: Fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds

Farm Bio: 

This delicious coffee comes from the Kinunu Washing Station, which sits on a slope overlooking beautiful Lake Kivu. Kinunu is the only station in rural Rwanda with it's own dry mill, which allows for full quality control from cherry to green for export.

Six regional cooperatives contribute their cherry to the washing station. KZ Noir, together with Technoserve, provide agronomic training to the regional cooperatives. Around 5000 farmers contributed to the harvest, and many of these farmers also work in various levels of production at the station.

The coffee cherries are first “floated” in plastic tanks to sort, then dry fermented for around 18 hours, give or take. They are then de-pulped, washed, and let out into water channels for further sorting by weight, then deposited into soak tanks for 20-24 hours. After soaking, the coffee (still wrapped in its parchment) is again hand sorted, before the drying process begins on the shores of the lake.

Type: Coffee


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