Aconcagua Pacamara

Cup Characteristics: Cacao nib and blood orange tango amidst a sea of dried fig and baking chocolate in this unique varietal. Round and deep.

Country: El Salvador
Farm: Aconcagua
Producer: Tom Hawk
Varietal: Pacamara
Elevation: 1300 masl
Processing: washed
Suggested Brewing Method: Chemex, Pour Over
Farm InfoFinca Aconcagua has been devoted to coffee growing since the late 40’s and has “El Imposible” national forest as its neighbor. Because of it size and biological diversity, this forest is considered the most important natural park in El Salvador. Aconcagua’s coffee trees are on average 27 years old and the farm shade trees are mostly native, keeping the “Imposible” forest feeling inside the farm. Coffee tree density is 2,500 trees per hectare and shade coverage is provided by 210 shade trees per hectare. 

Tom and his farm supervisor picked this area because of the variety planted and the micro-climate. This tablón was also chosen in 2007, when Aconcagua came in 18th at the Cup of Excellence. They consistently perform several cultural practices to avoid erosion, such as planting Izote or Vetiver grass.

Pit digging is another task very important in Aconcagua because of the tough structure associated with the existing clay soil, this also helps collect organic matter. Aconcagua employs 30 people permanently and nearly 100 people during harvest time. They are always giving back to the community.  In the past, they donated land to build a school, provided access to clean water, and donated yearly provisions for the children, like raincoats or sports uniforms. Future plans include introducing better health care services to his employee’s families.

Type: Coffee